The Tiny Tuesday theme today set by  MaryElizaR is Your Junk Drawer.  I found these " treasures  " in one of my kitchen drawers.  An odd assortment of things. 

A plastic tube containing a small amount of glitter. ( I used the rest of this a few years ago to mix with oats to give to my neighbours children so they could scatter it in their garden on Christmas Eve for Father Christmas's reindeer )

Two small metal figures. I think they came as free gifts inside Kinder Eggs .... maybe.

A metal Roman helmet.  Purchased by Becky or Neil on a school trip to a Roman fort - probably Housesteads.

A roll of sellotape with cute sheep on

A small metal model of Concorde

A nappy pin ( this must be around 38 years old.... why is it still around??)

A gold coffee bean - worn on a chain as a piece of jewellery.  I have the matching earrings in my jewellery box and wondered where the single bean was....glad its now been found )

A single clip flower earring - made by Coalport china.  This probably dates from the 1950's.  It belonged to my late husbands step-mother.  We only ever had the one earring.  Too pretty to throw out.?

Musical link JUNK-  by Bronski Beat

I didn't sleep well but so far have survived the day and achieved more than I did over the weekend and yesterday.  I did some washing and I changed a light bulb ( as this involves getting up a step ladder its something I have been putting off ); I went to the village shops.  Tesco was very quiet- no queue so I went straight in.  Had a good shop - they even had salmon.  I was going to go to Herons as well but the queue was really long so I kept on walking.

Had my Zoom Slimming Club meeting at 6pm.  Eight members took part this week.  I lost one pound. 

Steps today - 7,228


CORONA CLASSIC -  En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor  played by The Grimethorpe Colliery Band - from the film Brassed Off ( One of my favourite films.  And a lovely piece of music)

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