Settled down In front of the TV around 10am to watch the coverage of the London Marathon.  Opened the app on my phone to track " my runners".  Becky, Mike - and  Ben - he is Becky and Mikes next door neighbour.  I met Ben when he came up with Becky and Mike to do the Great North Run last year.  He's a personal trainer, founder of Horley Harriers  ( Becky and Mike are members ) and a fitness freak.

It was great to track them all through the streets of London.  Ben was off first but it seemed like ages until Becky and Mike managed to cross the start line.  I could see from the times on the app that all three were doing really well and keeping to the pace that they had set themselves.

Ben crossed the finish line with a time of 2 hrs 31 mins.  Then Mike in  3hrs 4mins. A new personal best.  He had beaten his previous marathon time by 15 mins.  Becky came in with a time of 3hrs 25mins.  A new personal best for her too.  18 mins better than her previous best. 

I knew Becky and Mike would be especially pleased to get those times as they want to enter for The Boston Marathon which has a very high standard.  Becky is inside the time they require for her sex/age group by 10 mins and Mike is inside  by 6 mins. So they can enter.  Its still a ballot of course and they might not get in --- but at least they have a chance now. 

So a good day for " my runners".  I was so excited watching each persons icon on the app heading up The Mall towards the finish.  I was cheering them on as if I was there in person.  Great fun.  Well done to the three of them.

Obviously I didn't take my blip shot but I did process it in Picassa so I hope I'm forgiven. I felt so proud of Becky today that I just had to use this photo for my blip.   I have added a couple of Extras.  Mike -  before and after. These photos were taken by the supporters of his charity Stepney City Farm.  They cheered him along the route.  And a couple of photos of Becky and Mike after the race.  Becky is wearing a T Shirt and sweatshirt she designed herself and which she sells on Etsy and on her own website.

So after the excitement of the marathon it was back to reality with the ironing and washing up.  Then I caught up with Match of the Day.  I listened to the Newcastle match on the radio yesterday and caught up with the highlights on TV today.  Newcastle were one nil up but threw away that lead and the match ended 1 - 1. 

Steps today - 3,427( too much sitting around watching TV today)

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