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By Damnonii

Sunglasses recommended for viewing!

Backblipped 28.4.20

Quite a productive day on the whole.

Finished a painting for a friend’s birthday and a smaller one for his good lady. Also three birthday cards and laid out the basic sketch for a painting for my God-daughter. Also wrote a letter. Yes, a real pen to paper letter, and what a joy it was. I think I shall do more!

I also started this abstract flower doodle but I’m just not feeling it. It’s going to take a lot of work and patience to get it to how it looks in my head. I suspect it’s one I’ll work on intermittently for a few minutes at a time. Maybe as a warm up exercise. Who knows?

The best part of the day though was a joint FaceTime get together with Ele, my niece Jen, Nikki and wee Esme. What a hoot.

Esme had just made crispy cakes from left over Easter eggs. She clearly follows my school of crispy cake making where it’s very important to sample the goods as you go!

Oh and how could I forget the other highlight of the day?! I gave David his second hair trim.

Emboldened by last week’s success, I persuaded him it would be better if I took the guard off the clippers.

Oh dear. I’m now calling him Evie !!

*scores barber back off CV.

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