A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Not going out!

White Camellia

This opened the other day and I photographed it in the sun but didn’t use it for blip. Today’s story is rain so a good day to use this lovely flower with it’s raindrops for my blip. It has a bit of brown on it as the bud was caught by the frost. We had a large pink Camellia in a pot, inherited from my mother in law some years ago,  but it didn’t survive. I hope this one does, I’ve always preferred the white ones for some reason.

It’s not just the damp morning and now heavy rain that has kept us in. Originally scheduled for mid January they have been this morning to dig up our drive. Our (newish) neighbour to the  left is finishing off his garden after extensive building work and it made sense for us, and our neighbour to the right, to get our shared drive done at the same time. Luckily it wasn’t raining quite so heavily this morning when they did the preliminary work. We are sharing the cost but it’s still more than you would chose to spend, good job we’re not going on that holiday this weekend!

Spent the morning ‘doing’ the living room. A bit more than the usual dust and vac as when looking for a pen top that flew off during one of our quizzes I discovered something with legs, somewhat dessicated, under the sofa! Our cat normally deposits things in two regular places so I don’t know how long it has been there. Nothing more found but a good reason to get everything out and cleaned. More like a workout than cleaning and not normally my thing!

A good sing this afternoon and then church quiz this evening after virtual 3 and go (pub Wednesday). It’s all go even if you don’t go out!

Stay safe everyone 

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