Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


I was determined to stick to the theme for today’s Abstract Thursday challenge, so when I stumbled to the bathroom at 6.50 a.m. and saw this view looking down our stairs, I realised that there were plenty of angles here.  

A bit of fartnarkling in my Distressed App (not in my distressed state, I might add, because I’m not distressed!) I was happy with the result.

I’m amazed just recently how little sleep I am getting but I still feel OK - guess that’s because I’m not doing very much in between times, but I have to say that Mr. HCB and I are still very well and happy, although we would like to be able to go out for a drive and see something different for a change.  However, we are mindful of the fact that our Government has given guidelines for what we, as supposedly “elderly, vulnerable people” can do, so we are trying to adhere to those.

It’s raining quite hard as I type this, so don’t suppose we will be going out for a walk anytime soon.  However, there are lots of cupboards to be sorted out and we need to try and prepare a video for the prayers for Church on Sunday, so perhaps we really should do that rather than just slouch around all day.  

I think this damp weather is affecting Mr. HCB’s arthritic thumbs - they were so sore yesterday, he didn’t even do any work in the greenhouse, but he can still wash up, so although we have a dishwasher, sometimes it’s good to be able to do something and standing at the sink, listening to Radio 4 and looking out of the window, which is what he’s doing now.  

Like most people, we will be out clapping this evening and we will also sing “Happy Birthday" to Captain Tom on this, his 100th birthday.  What an inspiration to us all and as our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said this morning, “Captain Tom, you are a point of light in all our lives.”  
I thought this quote summed him up:

“Success is the sum
     of small efforts,
          repeated day in
               and day out.”
Robert Collier

P.S.  The Mincemeat Cake went down a treat yesterday - if you would like the recipe, it’s here in a blip from 19th December 2018.

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