Capital adventures

By marchmont


How I can spend a whole day doing so little is a mystery.  I seem to have faffed around most of the day. However, I did complete another CDN seminar hour and I updated my picture gallery with some of this year's photos.  And there was also quite a lot of toing and froing with choir stuff and I froze some veg, bought milk, clapped and spoke to the neighbours.  Stirring stuff.  And it rained which is good for the green sward out the back that masquerades as my lawn.

Apologies for those who read this yesterday but I wanted to share a Blip coincidence with you.  Two parts of my family are in Kuala Lumpur and my #2 son is in total lockdown, unable to go out other than for food, in an apartment on his own.  That's been over 6 weeks now with 2 weeks to go. Fellow blipper dogwithnobrain also has a son in KL, in total lockdown with his girlfriend.  Both our sons have decided to use the time (and the need for exercise) to fundraise.  My son (that's him in the black t-shirt in today's blip) is doing the 'Sofa to Summit' challenge, climbing the stairs in the apartment building to the height of Mt Kilimanjaro to raise money for 'Kids Operating Room' in Africa.  The other couple are walking round the apartment to complete the 'Great British Hike for the NHS' . I shared this info with my son, who realised that some one who'd liked one of his posts on Instagram was the person I'd told him about.  The next thing is our two sons are in contact with one another, chatting away on Instagram. The power of social media and the links it allows us to make blows me away sometimes.  Dogwithnobrain and I have never met (and btw it's her birthday today) but here are our sons, who have also never met (even although at present they live about a mile from one another) communicating with one another 8000 miles away from home, ultimately because of Blip.  Wow!

Normally I only ask friends and relatives to support my kids' fundraising projects but these young folk are in a much more difficult situation than we are here in the UK, I know I was there until 2 weeks ago.  So if you'd like to support them this is the link to my son's fundraising page and the link to the Great British Hike is here.

14 days gone, 7 to go. (the real total is 42 days in lockdown +2 in partial lockdown).

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