Still Rockin'

By RockArea


A lovely day but with a strong breeze blowing and ruffling the water. I went out in the late morning and took myself down to Teignmouth and over the bridge to Shaldon and Ringmore. 

The houses in my blip are a short road called The Strand and OS maps have this area named as Gravel Point although nobody seems to know it as that. I like the towering clouds in this one.

My ride took me more than 7 miles today and I tested the turbo (or afterburner) setting by taking it up some steep hills. I'm pleased to find I can take off up the very steep hill  I live on from a standing start. I also used the turbo to keep up a decent pace on the main road. Although traffic is still less than usual, it can be a busy road and it only has one lane in each direction, so bikes do tend to hold traffic up. 

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