By Teasel

Four Cruise Ships

It was a glorious morning and I got up and sat in the sunshine (in the house) reading my new book.  A couple of weeks ago when I was struggling to concentrate and read a  friend told me to read a frivolous book, which I have been doing for the past week – but I haven’t really got into it, so have picked up a Kate Atkinson book instead.  The sun disappeared and I realised that BB and TT had disappeared and the house was very quiet.  I went upstairs to check on them.  One was watching Star Wars, the other was watching virtual church (virtching).  It’s easy to guess who was doing what.

Once they were done we enjoyed our artisan croissants and then TT and I got ready and headed out for a long walk.

The sun had reappeared and it was another glorious day.  We walked out along the river to Hailes Castle, then headed up by Overhailes to Pencraig Hill and walked back via Beanston, the vaults and Barney Hill (no cows in the field).  It was almost as long as our walk last Saturday, but didn’t seem so long.  Surprisingly this guy wasn’t in his field.  Where has he gone?

We had a late lunch – the boys having their artisan sausage rolls.  TT headed out to the garden to do some gardening.  I also headed out to the garden, but sat in a chair and read my new book.  TT had also volunteered to make tea, so I was able to really get stuck into my book.

Here are the four cruise ships berthed in the Forth.  The great thing about a longer walk at the weekend is that you can go up a hill and see the sea.  I am so missing a beach walk. The extras are an identified plant that we see along the river – does anyone know what it is?  The other extra is a message on the path as we passed by a farm and cottage, and the final is the view from where we stopped for a  snack - looking in land, rather than to the sea..  Such a lovely spot in the sun.


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