a lifetime burning

By Sheol


An arty mess around for another lockdown Sunday.

In this case, we've had a very funny evening with another family quiz, organised by Charlie.  Each set of participants came up with a round, although it has to be said, that Charlie and Rory's movie round put the rest of us to shame.  Will's lateral thinkers were suitably puzzling and Jess's quiz app had us all in stitches.  Hopefully we can do another one soon.

In the meantime here's a selfie of yours truly playing the guitar, given a sort of chalk drawing type finish, using Affinity.  There's no specific filter in Affinity that will produce this sort of thing - its very much trial and error. If you don't mind the fact that your efforts can come to nothing its quite liberating to just "have a play" and see what happens :-)

Apart from the quiz, the other bit of excitement today was the security/fire alarm going off at Dad's place.  In this case is was a false fire alarm.  The system says that there is a battery that needs replacing, and there may well be.  I also suspect that dust is an issue in the fire sensors as the house has not been regularly dusted/hoovered for quite a while.  We're intending to have it cleaned from bottom to top shortly which should help with this sort of thing.

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