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By Sheol

Cheep Shot?

Mono Monday: Cheep Shot

With encouragement from our host to think laterally, I hope the dreadful pun will be forgiven.  This is a shot of a bird, even if it tends to quack rather than cheep.  I had hoped there might be some goslings, but given the weather conditions I expect that mother goose had her brood tucked securely under her wings today.  On the other hand the duck is rather a pretty duck as these things go.  

She looks a bit like Jemima Puddleduck to me, so I'm guessing that she is a domesticated duck that has escaped, as I don't believe that we have any naturally occurring pure white ducks in the UK?  No doubt some one will be along to correct me if I have that wrong.

I'm not sure what feed has been scattered here for the wildfowl, it looked like yellow lentils, but hopefully it wasn't, as raw lentils contain toxins that are not good for wildlife.

As you can see from the duck's feathers it was blowing a gale when I took this shot.  Several trees had already come down in the fields near the reservoir.  After 30 minutes I got really cold in the wind, despite my waterproof.  I was really glad that I'd put on a wooly hat and gloves.  When I originally got out of the car I thought I might be overdoing it a bit.  Fortunately(!) it started to rain after 30 minutes and so I had the perfect excuse to beat a hasty retreat to my nice warm car.

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