We are all getting up later and later.  Next week I really must get out of bed earlier, so I can start work earlier.  As I work four long days, the earlier I get started, the earlier I can get finished.  Must do better!

I had lots to do today, so ended up working later than I would have liked just to get everything finished.  I will have to log in tomorrow to send a few more emails that can’t wait until Monday, but that shouldn’t take me long.

The highlight of my day was a big rain shower in the morning – we’ve not had rain like that for a long time.  It didn’t last long and soon dried up – but I am sure it will have done the gardens and fields some good.

I cooked up a quick tea, we clapped for the NHS, and BB played Somewhere Over the Rainbow on his cello (extra).  I then headed out for my daily exercise – probably the best evening weather-wise that we have had this week.

I came home and watched Spooks.

This bud will be a bloom in no time.

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