Day 53 of my own personal lockdown.  Likely to be in the hundreds before I come out of it properly.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments.  Bro-in-law will be some while getting through this, but it's currently a case of news is good news.  It has nothing to do with Covid-19 thank goodness.

I've just realised that my camera details haven't shown up over the last two days and I've also just figured out why - 'cos I've used a collage so it doesn't have one photo to focus on - doh!!!  Anyway I was using my Nikon D3300 at f100 and using the Nikon 18-300mm lens, switching from the sports mode to aperture mode, it's just a shame I can't change the f stop!!!!

It was such a lovely morning that after breakfast I went for a walk.  Just down Carter Road and then along the footpath that leads right by the side of the railtrack and eventually goes back up the steps to Kentsford Road.  

I'd forgotten how lovely and very narrow that walk was.  Luckily the only person I came across along the track was right at the end and he was coming down the steps at the end so I could tuck into the side whilst he quickly walked past. 

We used to walk towards Grange that way which eventually links up to The Prom, but since we found Carter Road we don't do that anymore - simply because the Carter Road views are stunning.  I will have to use that way more often in future - it's easy walking up those steps than up Carter Road anyway.

The collage is the top main photo was taken half way down Carter Road the bottom one along the footpath - you can see Humphrey Head to the right.  This road leads right by the side of The Furness Railway Line, sometimes level sometimes just above it and it still has amazing views.

I concentrated a lot on the hedgerows and meadows, which were teeming with flowers.  I have added just a selection of those I saw.  It has re-awakened my interest in knowing more about our indigenous wildflowers so I must invest in a new book so I can name them all.  I do have one somewhere but would probably be good to get a new one anyway.

The photos are still taken with my poorly Nikon - set on f10, however I do occasionally change to sports mode when the wind blows to get a decent photo of the flowers.

Do take care care and stay safe.  I will be commenting again on your photos from today so I'm looking forward to that.  Thank you for understanding, kindness and patience.

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