By HeidiHH

06052020 54th Corona isolation day w/ alleviation

This morning we too a risk and left to climb to the lighthouse on top of Monte de Santa Pola. And then we came another way which was bit longer but it was basically just downhill.

The whole walk was 12km. When we left the lighthouse we had about 50 minutes to be home before curfew. We were bit under 6km at that point, so we really needed to step foot to be home on time. At some point we thought we'll be 15 minutes late, but we got home at 10:04.

In the picture you can see the fog over the sea. At noon the fog rolled over us. Very quickly and it wasn't that thick anymore, but it still came with chilly air.

Rest of the day has been spent with in-house stuff mostly. Eating, sewing, reading...

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