Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Wild Strawberry

When I was out walking yesterday I saw some wild strawberry plants growing in an old stone wall. Today I decided to go back and have a go at blipping them. Because they were on the flat Lower Back Walk path I thought I'd better do some uphill as well today so I took an indirect route and had a wander about on the Gowan Hill. It's very warm, even slightly muggy. Some cloud has come in. Maybe we'll get rain. The garden would be grateful. Let's hope it's overnight if it does arrive.

We're promised some loosening of the restrictions by the PM. I'm not convinced. I hope the FM holds the line of tight restrictions. Don't get me wrong, I'm as keen as anyone to be able to do a bit more. But not at any cost. I'm seeing evidence of people pushing the boundaries every day. Until we know a whole lot more about this virus I think we need to be very cautious.

With thanks to Miranda1008 for hosting this week's wildflower challenge.

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