Day at a Time

By Tweedy

75 years on

There isn't any bunting here and there isn't a lockdown 1940s tea party either. Flag waving of  any sort makes me queasy. The idea of celebration feels completely off. Commemoration maybe and remembering certainly but celebration just seems wrong. If my mum and dad were here I don't think they'd be celebrating the anniversary of VE Day. I think they were just glad to have survived the war. I heard Max Hastings on the radio today saying that those who thought the least celebrated the most and those who thought the most celebrated the least. I'm uncomfortable with the politicising of war and especially in current circumstances.

Both mum and dad were in the navy. Here they are in c1944. Mum was in the Fleet Air Arm as an aerial photographer. I've blipped her and her enormous camera before. This photo of dad was taken when he was in Egypt or thereabouts. They were both very  young.

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy weekend.

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