By dunkyc

Three Days

There is a playlist which blasts in my ears when I’m out for a run, but as the list has grown in depth, breadth and brilliance it has morphed into everyday usage.

One of my many favourites on there (to be honest, it’s all killa-no-filla, guy) and arguably the most prescient given the extraordinary weather cycle we are currently experiencing is ‘Another Day of Sun’ from the La La Land soundtrack. 

Every day when I roll the blinds up or open the curtains or stroll naked across the veranda (one of these is a lie), there it is, lovely sunshine flooding in providing an early vitamin-D hit with which to start the day and this song plays through my fizzing brain.

Outside of a lovely FaceTime with my niece, it’s been a fairly quiet, mundane day today as I potter about the house getting it ready for the arrival of the wee ones and continuing to ensure I’m on top of everything work wise.

I did venture into town to pick up some bits for the weekend and snapped this on the way back. The idea was to capture some floating stuff (pollen) which was flowing gently along the riverbank, but I think we can all agree I have spectacularly failed to capture that here.

I know us UK chums can’t go anywhere, but I am so looking forward to three days with my children and three days without having to turn the work laptop or even think about it.

I hope everyone else is able to do the same and have a great Bank Holiday!

Stay healthy.

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