By Teasel

Setting Sun

Another day at the kitchen table, not so many calls as yesterday thankfully and I got off to a good start.  However somewhere mid-morning I went outside to hang my washing out and almost didn’t return to my desk.  What a beautiful day, it was like summer.  I did go back to the laptop, but my motivation had taken a tumble, and I was distracted by all the birds in the garden, especially the sparrows having dust baths.  I plodded on with work, did another load of washing, assisted BB with his English interpretation, and then sorted out some lunch.  One of BB’s questions amused me - “what’s a playboy?”  Answers on a postcard please.

The highlight of my morning was getting an Amazon delivery – a new jigsaw.

I sat in the garden to have my lunch and hung out the rest of my washing, but had to get back for a meeting.   I then got stuck back into the piece of work I had been struggling with and made some headway.  Another couple of calls and a load of emails later and I signed off for the day and made pasta puttanesca for tea.  I’m enjoying cooking in lockdown.  I guess it’s because I have more time. We also had a meal delivered, but that is now ensconced in the fridge for Friday.  Later I went for a walk - my daily exercise and phoned my folks to check up on them.  Once I was back home I started watching the second series of Spooks.  Before I went to bed I had to do some ironing, as I am going into the office tomorrow.

I headed out later than I had planned this evening, but I was rewarded with a lovely sunset across the Forth.  The moon was behind me (See extra).

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