Recording a moment

By chrisf


Our little shed - only just over three foot wide to fit between our house and the fence separating us from our neighbour- is ancient, and externally looks a little sad.

Or characterful is another way of seeing it - the wooden door may be rotting at the bottom, but the wood grain is interesting, and a pyracantha bush has grown over the roof and is alive with flowers and bees.

The padlock is unhelpfully padlocked and I’ve lost the key. So there is no way the door (which is almost off it’s hinges anyway) can be locked. But there is nothing of value inside.

The main thing is - it’s dry internally. I had a big sort out a couple of days ago, getting rid of lots of things, and getting all the things inside in order.

We will be watching the prime minister making his statement on TV tonight, about how England is going to come out of lockdown. A lot of it seems to have been deliberately leaked in advance. If the leaks are true, then I worry that the messaging from the government is increasingly vague, and capable of easy misinterpretation by those who want to hear what they want to hear. The lockdown could readily break down early, with consequences which could otherwise be avoided.

We are staying home.

Bird Note. Our Shielding at home bird list reaches 34. Gardening at the front today I heard a guttural call behind me, turned and flying low - a heron

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