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By walkingMarj

Globe flowers (thank you Facebook)

This morning, Facebook showed me a set of wildflower photographs I'd taken a year ago. They were of the ones I've been blipping, but there was also one of globe flowers. None of the woods I've been to have these.

I hatched a plot! I drove to Acomb Woods (near to where flashcube lives). I haven't been here since lockdown. They are only 5 miles or so from home but the route is down quite a steep hill, which has to be climbed to return home.........

The woods there are just wonderful. Unlike Gold Island, which is predominantly bluebells, or Nunwick, which is predominantly wild garlic, the woods here are a mixture of both, with lots of red campion and leopard's bane mixed in.

The river is so low that I could easily access the globe flowers. Usually I have to slip and slide over wet rocks and it is not a pleasant, or safe, experience. There was a glade of globe flowers and I sat and enjoyed them.

First thing, I was very busy, because we had a Zoom Meeting of the Tynedale Photo Group at 1030 and I wanted to have a few things done beforehand. A deadline is a good thing.

We had a good chat over coffee. It's lovely to see everyone.

About to watch the 7pm statement with a glass of white wine in my hand. Fingers crossed that things will become clearer soon.

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