Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

For you, Blue

Because you're sweet and lovely, boy, I love you
Because you're sweet and lovely, boy, it's true
I love you more than ever, boy, I do  - The Beatles, 1970 (with some artistic tweaks)

This is the male Eastern Bluebird who was singing to his new mate while she was in and out of the nest box.

Today marks our 51st day in "lockdown" here in the State of New Jersey.  It also marks the 68th day since we had our first positive Covid 19 case.  These are the sorts of benchmarks I never imagined observing just six short months ago.

I started the day by getting my first "covid cut" wherein Hubs cut my hair in the kitchen.  Yep, he wielded the sheers and I have to say that I am very pleased with the results!  He is a man of many talents.

After the hair cut, we got on the phone with mom and dad and enjoyed a nice long catch up.  Then it was out to the garden for a quick break for me before jumping on a virtual doctor's appointment with one of MIL's doctors, a nurse from the facility and us.  It demonstrated the miracles of modern technology that we were able to pull this off from three separate locations.  And MIL, not to be held back, immediately asked the doctor if he was single after announcing that he was "cute".  Gotta love it.

This afternoon I heard from a friend who just moved to Montana with his wife - they arrived safely on Friday and are now now exhaling. Definitely a stressful time to be moving halfway across the country!

I'm keeping this brief today as I dart back outside between showers.  By the way, there are still orioles around the yard - a different male today, one who is still not fully molted into his breeding finery.  


Covid Stats
Total positives as of today in NJ - 139,945
Total deaths in NJ - 9,310
Total cases in Sussex County - 1033 ---  deaths - 128

Today is Day 68 since NJ's first case of Covid 19 was diagnosed

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