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By Jeanneb53

Went for a walk ...

came back with a tree!

Our walk this morning took us past the garden centre en route to the lower St Ives woods.

Passing at 10.00am the car park was pretty full. There didn’t seem to be any queuing, one in one out, but definitely busy.

A sunny start to the day but a cool wind so it was good to be in the shelter of the woods. We crossed the end of Low Park and saw several cars parked on the yellow lines on the St Ives Estate drive. One man, obviously straight out of his car, was complaining that they hadn’t opened the car parks, my response was that people just parked anywhere anyway!  

Descended to Beckfoot and set off across the golf course (Shipley). Yes there were golfers! Normally it is early when we cross here and there are few golfers so we had to be fairly careful!
Out of the golf course onto the fields below Cottingley woods we were greeted by this scene. Looking back towards the St Ives woods we had just left there were lots and lots of wonderful May blossom trees - it really is out this time, not blackthorn (which incidentally ended up on a blip compilation on Face book which Chris spotted!)

Just had to be my blip today. ( Clearer in large) 
The row next to the gate house lines the main Bingley Road. 

We came back through the woods taking the middle path to avoid the climb (useful exploring all those paths) and came out by the other village garden centre. Couldn’t decide at first whether it was open or not. A few cars, some red and white tape and then we spotted someone going in so decided to give it a try. No queue and not busy. We met someone from church whose friend had rung her to say to it was open but not too busy.
They didn’t have the plants we were looking for but having been researching trees before the lockdown we saw the replacement Sorbus we wanted for the front garden and Chris decided he could carry it home!  

The garden centre in a nearby village is opening Friday so gardeners and golfers are happy! Down side more traffic and more people out.

Stay safe and distant everyone.

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