Keith B

By keibr

On a Clear Day

After an indoor day yesterday, busy with baking, it seemed a good idea to take a walk today.  Above Klubb lake there is a hill, Klubb hill and on that hill is a small cabin I have been seeing for years as I walked around the lake.  I'd been up on that hill many times before, but always on the seaward side, and I'd never been to the actual top. Today I'd stand on the top and check out the cabin
Starting out from the lake I eventually reached the top. It seemed a wind-blasted place and in the few minutes I stayed there I got thoroughly frozen. All the trees seemed to have been chopped down and dumped in various crevices which seemed strange, this being a nature reserve!
A small poster told me why.  This hilltop, and one on a neighbouring island, are the only places in Sweden where the artic lichen "Bryoria nitidula" grows. This lichen grows in the harshest environments where the snow is blown away in winter. If other vegetation starts to establish itself on the hilltop it's goodbye nitidula. So the authorities had given it a helping hand by removing any competition.
This is the view looking south. Those dark clouds ocassionally threw down a shower of snow.
The view north was far less dramatic as you can see in the extra. The air is extremely clear and the far away island in the extra, on the horizon and out on the right, is 37 kms away. The second extra shows the 20m high lighthouse at the Vänta Litet shallows, 17 km out to sea, as seen from the cliffs here.
And that cabin? It turned out to be some sort of mobile phone installation of the sort usually seen on top of towers, but being on top of the hill the "tower" was a shed, disguised as a cabin!

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