More Buttercups

I've blipped this tree once before, it's a lovely tree, standing tall in the centre of the field, surrounded by buttercups. The great thing about buttercups is that they tell me that the field hasn't been treated with herbicide and so these lovely meadow plants can grow.

This is out past Ideford near the junction with the A 380. It's between various places and doesn't seem to have a name as far as the OS map is concerned.

I've been reading a short story that I first read in my school days. The lockdown situation made me think of it and want to read it again. It's a science fiction story written by E.M. Forster and first published in 1909, called 'The Machine Stops'. It's about a time when the world has retreated from the surface of the world and people live isolated in their mini apartments and the atmosphere, communications and everything else is provided by 'The Machine' which gradually attains a god-like status. Unsurprisingly, there is a backlash. You might remember the rest of the story or it won't take too long to read (12,300 words) if you don't know it.

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