By Dakers

My Dream Car

Today’s Bliofoto is probably twelve years old and it is one of my favourite pictures as a composition and image.

I have driven sports and performance cars for the last 50 years or so. There is only the two of us and we do like convertibles.

My own Boxster is 18 years old, and for the foreseeable future it is parked outside connected to a trickle charger.

When my car was in for a service I was always offered a "loaner" Porsche. Over the years I have driven a wide range of Porsche cars. The red car in the picture had been displayed in the showroom for a couple of visits and I had often admired the car. I do like red and my own car is silver with a black interior.

On one visit the red car had become a loaner and it was mine for a couple of days. I really enjoyed driving the car and explored various roads that I new well.

When I picked up my car and drove home, I realised that the driving experience was identical to the red car, and my own one had adapted itself to me. It was just that bit more comfortable.

It was the difference between a brand new pair of shoes and when the same shoes adjust to your feet.

Lunch today started outside but rain drops and a cold gusty wind drove us both indoors.

There was not enough rain to water various plants and containers so I have just taken the watering can for a walk and topped them up.

Otherwise today has been very similar to most days "in seclusion". 

To everyone who reads this Stay Well, stay in touch with friends and family using the various means of communication open to us.

Stay Home, but use your freedom to exercise.

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