By Dakers

The Faith Window

This is left hand side window of our two. I had taken it to give some idea of the quality of the painted image fired into the glass.

It is an HDR image and after looking at it I spotted what appears to be a damp patch. That is the thumbnail. It is not very obvious. Getting up to check is not easy, however, I have been outside and can see that one of the lime mortar joints  might benefit from repointing.

Another item on the "to do" list. The list is slightly longer than normal as virtually no maintenance could be carried out in 2020.

The weather today was fine and sunny and I achieved quite a lot in the garden. Much of it consisted of taking the lawnmower for a walk.

"Do not mow in May" is the current cry, but as I had not mown it in three weeks, I decided that today was the day.

Our grass has many small flowers and they quickly return. The outstanding problem is leaving the daffodils to dry off. According to Alan Titchmarch the time to wait is six weeks after flowering. Some of the varieties are still flowering.

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