By Dakers

Tins And Testing

The weather has changed and we have endured drizzle all day.
I woke up feeling below par having suffered coughing fits throughout the night. They continued throughout the day and I took a Covid test just to check.

The result was negative. The coughing must be to do with an allergy. There are many sources of pollen about.

Pat had been chatting for a couple of hours with Victoria, her younger sister. Her husband, Mark had caught the Covid virus. He did not go to hospital and was prescribed a new medication which has proved to be very effective. A quick recovery is likely.

And so to today’s entry of printed storage tins, most of which came filled with goodies. The tins are a very attractive form of packaging and are being reused for various purposes. 

Pat has also been reorganising her china cabinets. Another mental test for me to find items at breakfast time.

After 40 years we always use crystal glasses for every day drinks as well as eating from porcelain. No "keeping for best" in our place. Charity shops have been a great source of high quality crystal and porcelain which have been "kept for best" and were never used by their original owners.

Every day is for best. Treat yourselves.

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