By Bom

The Allium twins

Non-idential Allium twins obviously, the one in the thumbnail is large and fully open, the one on the left is smaller and just starting to open - I liked the contrast. I washed the outside of my very dirty windows and doors today - we had a lot of dust in the rain a couple of weeks ago which covered the car too. 

Day 63 / Day 55 of Lockdown / Day 5 of Step 1 (for my record only)
UK deaths up 170 to 34,636 (NI no's not provided due to technical issues - beware low death no's Sun & Mon, but this does look a positive drop, however new daily cases are still above 3,000), US deaths now over 90,000 (a large spike reported in new cases in Texas, 2 weeks after it opened all retail outlets). Italy up 145 to 31,908, Spain up 87 to 27,650 (will stop noting Italy & Spain no's now given the much lower no's).

The briefing focused on developing & manufacturing a vaccine (journalists submitted questions in writing as problems with Zoom today). The Oxford vaccine development is going well, govt to provide additional £84M to produce 30M doses of the vaccine by Sept if it works, Astra Zeneca to manufacture the Oxford vaccine globally. £93M is being provided to accelerate the development of a UK Vaccine Manufacturing Centre to next Summer. £38M to manufacture at scale from this Summer if possible to do so. Imperial College vaccine clinical trials to start by mid-June with large scale testing in Oct. Did also stress that a vaccine might never be found. Police had to shut down a 70 person rave in a country park in Shropshire. 

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