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By Jeanneb53

Too late!

A busy morning of garden centre shopping.
Decided to give the knee a rest and not walk far. It has gone down a bit and consensus seems to be that it is a Bursa better known as housemaid’s knee! Serves me right for cleaning!
The only kneeling I have done has been a bit in the garden and that was mainly trying to get a decent shot of the Lily of the Valley - so it could be a photographer’s knee - won’t be doing that again.

Headed fairly early to our nearest and biggest garden centre. Our neighbours went on Saturday and said it was fine and had lots of bedding plants. We were straight in and it wasn’t crowded despite a fairly busy car park. We got all the planting we needed but Chris couldn’t find any small plum slate chippings.

We then headed up to a much smaller garden centre just above the next village (only about 2 miles). We got a number as we entered the car park and had to wait in the car until it was called over the tannoy. Less than 5 minutes wait but as it was smaller inside we had to take more care with the one way system and queue to pay. Still no chippings but I got a nice hanging planter. We are members there so we got a discount.

Still hunting for the chippings we went to the other centre on the way out of the village to Wilsden where we got out trees last week. I left it to Chris and walked up the road to Bents Lane for a blip as I knew in the past there was a good field for buttercups. I could hear a machine in the distance but couldn’t believe the mower had got there before me. Like it anyway with the lines of cutting and the border of Cow Parsely and the flowering Hawthorne tree.

Still no chippings but pleased with our other purchases. I hung the planter on the front porch steps, I do like something instant. Just had to rearrange Chris’s chimney pot planters a bit and then clean the front porch ‘paintwork’ which led to cleaning the fuel store door and the garage door. Thinks there’s something wrong with me!

There were two lovely little ponies on the edge of the car park at New Coley, one of which featured as my blip the last time we were there just before they closed - over 8 weeks ago on the 19th March!

Didn’t feel any of these visits were unsafe, everyone is trying hard to make things work as safely as possible.
Stay safe everyone.

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