By ArcLight

Naan breads

Digitaldaze mentioned yesterday that she had made courgette bread and that she and Bb had been snacking on it. This got me thinking, and after checking out the video she showed me, I sent the details to Mr A, who came up with this recipe suggestion. In and amongst, we made these this morning. They were an excellent comfort snack for lunch - especially with wild garlic pesto and red onion chutney. I also went to the post office with some parcels that needed sending off (stuff that would normally go from work), and spoke at some length to L on the phone, as he may be facing some dilemmas in the not too distant future. Later in the afternoon, as I tried to get a short essay finished, I had a rather low energy meeting with some colleagues, that I must confess didn't leave me feeling particularly positive.

Oh well, hopefully book group zoom will cheer me up later.

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