Pelargonium 'Turkish Delight'

Quite apt I reckon. A delight from Turkey. The colours not dissimilar to a Fry's Turkish Delight. From the discarded pieces of pelargonium found on the pavement in Marmaris to my garden in Chudleigh. What a find! What a fab colour, & the markings, beautiful. I have pots of them dotted around the garden, these cuttings, the tatty bits, are in a small black plastic pot. I need to find a pot more fitting for such beauty.

"The flowers of geranium and pelargonium are not the same. Geranium flowers have five similar petals; pelargonium blooms have two upper petals which are different from the three lower petals." I did'nt know that until now ...

An early start this morning, breakfast then up to the allotment to grab my secateurs, next stop Chudleigh knighton to pick up Mum's shopping list, cards, & shopping bags, then off to George & Jean's. A quick whizz around the garden then I got stuck in .. 5 hours later I had tidied, weeded, & top dressed about a third of their garden. They are a lovely couple, been in total lockdown for the past 8 weeks, their daughter & husband, have been over for a chat keeping their distance, chatting through the window. Next stop, the Coop, my shopping list, & Mum's, both completed fairly quickly. No one at the checkout, so I went straight through. Dropped the shopping off, had a quick coffee, then home where I caught up with Gardner's World watching last Fridays episode ... If  I'd watched it on Friday I'd have known that it's not a good idea replanting thinned out carrots .. never mind I'm used to sharing my produce with critters. I think, although I'm not sure, that mice might be helping themselves to my latest pea sowing .. Grhhh!!

Homemade courgette & hazelnut burger with a circle of baked butternut squash , plus homemade mayo in a brioche bun, & fries for me, oven baked pollack, fries & mushy peas for hubby.

After dinner I headed back to the allotment to give everything a good watering. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter than today.

Thanks to wrperry for hosting

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