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By HeidiAndDolly

Lockdown Day 55 - Dream House

I was out for another early bike ride this morning. I’m cycling mostly in familiar territory not far from home but it’s amazing how things look different from a bike! I went just south of where I live to a hamlet charmingly called Whistley Green, and cycled along a lane than crosses over the River Loddon. The river is a tributary of the Thames and flows north for 28 miles from Basingstoke, joining the Thames at Wargrave. I often walk along a stretch of the Loddon when I walk around the lakes near home. ‘MY’ lake is one of several in the area, all once gravel pits now filled in with water and part of the Loddon Nature Reserve and Dinton Pastures Country Park.

The river has been important in the past for milling and many of the old mills have been turned into houses or hotels. I’m not sure but I suspect that this house may have been one of the old mills. I’ve walked and driven past it many times in the past, but it’s been a long while and it seems to have been totally renovated outside, and beautifully done. Actually, it’s not really a dream house - the older I get the more I’d rather live in a ‘Tiny House’. BUT - this location! Now that WOULD be a dream!

The rest of the day was filled with ‘virtual’ church followed by a Zoom church gathering. I do love these times - I’m meeting and getting to know people I’ve never spoken to before. It was another sunny day and I enjoyed sitting in my garden and ended up mowing before sunset. My gardener is coming back tomorrow after many weeks. I know that sounds silly that I mowed before he comes - but I want him to concentrate on other things for his short time with me! I hope he doesn’t mind!

(Post-script: since I’m writing this late I WILL tell you - the gardener DID mind! Only light-heartedly! It seems he is VERY proud of the stripes he produces when he mows and he felt quite deprived!)

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