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By HeidiAndDolly

Lockdown Day 56 - Camping 2.0

And up she goes again!

It’s a good thing I LIKE this campsite as it’s the only one open right now!

No bike ride this morning. I had my regular Monday morning Zoom with my small group from church. The gardener also came today and got most of the ‘non-mowing’ jobs done, since I’d done the mowing already last evening. My back can’t cope with lots of gardening, so I do rely on him for doing a lot of it and he hasn’t been working for most of Lockdown so my garden was ready for him!

I spent a bit of time at my desk today, taking care of some financial things, but not much else happened today. I DID have a very pleasant hour-long phone conversation with a friend from my teenage years who was also a close friend of Rhod’s. He called to ask about the funeral and we spent a long time reminiscing over our dear friend. Somewhere in the conversation I mentioned my camping gear stored in the shed/summerhouse and he was completely shocked and said he could never imagine me camping!! Ha! I told him I’d become a transformed woman in my 50s!!

So, inspired by that conversation, out from the shed the tent came! I’d wanted to put it up but it had been really windy all day and I’d thought about delaying it til tomorrow. But the wind died right down in the evening so up she went. It’s a good thing I took this picture because there was almost no other picture for my blip today! Of course the picture was sent off to my friend along with a time-lapse video of me setting it up (which takes about 5 minutes, or 11 seconds in time-lapse!) - just to prove I really am crazy enough to camp in my own garden!

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