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So the boys natter went on and a screen was shared around - campsites in the Netherlands are open from 1st July. Only one problem said F, wisely, how can four of us keep 2m apart in a cabin 2m wide? It’s a good point. I can see why he’s recently got to Prof grade, though he kept quiet about that. Perhaps, as it’s going across international waters, we should follow WHO guidelines instead. Yep, 1m as you all know. Aye.
Talking of guidelines, the FM made the much-trailed midday announcement - the roadmap outta lockdown towards the new normal (that excruciating expression was indeed used). I quickly scanned it. Phase 1 (next Thursday, Shirley): non-contact, outdoor activities in your local areas e.g. golf, hiking, canoeing, outdoor swimming, angling!! Well, I’m happy sailing on my own, though obviously if I need pulled out the drink, there may be problem. 
If you like contact sports like wrestling, boxing or judo, you’re forever stuffed. And as for sex with strangers, forget it!

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