Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


We didn’t have the promised rain so although it was blowing a hoolie, as they say north of the border, I decided to go out for my walk this morning and hope that I wouldn’t get caught if it did eventually rain.

I had a place in mind, as I had seen this tree trunk a few days ago, but resisted blipping it because I thought it would make a good one for Silly Saturday - so here it is.  I think it looks like a monkey or a chimp - what do you think?  One thing I am sure of is that my Blip friend, who is the Queen of Pareidolia, will like this!

I decided to do my usual walk around the field and only saw one other person with a dog - having been to the field every day for the last week, I guess I am quite recognisable because I always wear my pink gilet and although I don’t know the man who was with his dog, he always waves to me!  It will be good when Mr. HCB comes with me though, because I tend to stick to the periphery of the field and not go down any of the little paths when I am on my own, which I think is just being sensible - and anyway, if I fell, even though I have my phone with me and rang Mr. HCB, it might take him a while to find me.

I enjoyed my singing but then stood under the beautiful willow tree and took a video of that waving in the wind - it was so calming standing underneath the tree, feeling the wind in my hair and watching the large branches moving in the wind.  Such simple pleasures but very enjoyable.

I have made a collage of the various wild flowers around the edge of the field, I wonder if you can spot the odd one out?  Once again, I saw lots of dragonflies and damselflies and it was interesting that many of the buttercups were home to several little insects - I guess the bright colour attracts them.  There were lots of snails, some brightly coloured - not your common garden snails - on many of the dead stems of flowers, and it was interesting to stand and watch them climbing.  There are hundreds of nettles all round the field and when leaning in to take the shot of the dog rose, I got stung quite badly - it didn’t hurt at the time, but is very sore now.  

A good morning and only when I got home did I feel a few spots of rain, but even that has stopped now - Mr. HCB has been praying for rain, because our garden is very dry - but the sun is back out and the dark clouds seem to have vanished - at least for the moment.

Have a good weekend;  keep well and stay safe - we still need to be vigilant.

“In every walk with nature,
     one receives far more
          than one seeks.”
John Muir

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