By Kipsie

'Please re-use' ................

Well I do my best, as you already know. I found the orange plastic child's rake on the river Teign estuary last year, the orange plastic colander I bought in the recycle centre for 20pence, it makes a good sieve, the foil cups are I think from mince pies last Xmas, & the seed saved from the Fritillaria meleagris, will be sown soon.
I love the early mornings which is fortunate as I wake early ... I'm a morning person, my Dad was, my brother is, I am ... I guess it's in our genes. I was on the plot by 7am .. the wind has dropped thank goodness, the tomatoes, well, they don't look thrilled at being there, but I hope they'll forgive me and perform well, bearing lots of fruits. I watered, accompanied by my cheeky feathered friend. I created a watering hole for the birds/wildlife with a plastic cauldron, inherited with the plot. The birds love a bath in the terracotta pot/bird bath back at No 81, so thought Bobby robin might like to freshen up on Plot 29b. :- ) I grabbed some pots of nasturtiums, & pulled some rhubarb for Mum, then nipped up the Coop fora couple of bits for Mum then headed to CK. Dropped off the shopping, had a coffee, inspected her runner beans & very recently potted tomato plants... everything looking ticketyboo. She's on the ball!! Back home I WAS going to plant the Roma tomato plants that I've grown but hubby "suggested" I might like to give the gardening a rest ... so I did. I read the paper, did the crossword, plus a couple other puzzles, then made lunch, followed by a very lazy sunbathe .. I think I might have dozed off.  Another glorious day, BUT the garden really could do with a couple of days steady rain.Non forecast though.

The chicken is roasting, stuffed with 'erbs to give it some oomph. I bought it in Aldi yesterday. It came on a tray, in a bag. "Open after cooking". It won't taste of anything, will it? I took it out of the bag .. rebel that I am stuffed it with some fresh herbs, garlic, half a lemon, & some onion. It's smelling good, surrounded by sweet potato chunks, potatoes & onions. It will be accompanied by broad bean tips, green beans, carrots & a, fingers crossed, scrummy gravy.
Hubby is watching 'The Cowboys. John Wayne,  & Roscoe Lee Browne, both have very distinctive voices that I love.

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting Derelict Sunday

Woohoo! My 500th Blip ... Love that it is a recycling blip

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