Peony still life

Having some chiaro-scuro fun with a Chinese pot full of peonies on their last leg. No worries , I do have two new bunches ready when all the petals of these have fallen !
Today DJ has written and sent a lengthy email to the head of the Dutch Immigration Service regarding son's and future daughter-in-law's situation. Fingers crossed  it will reach the right person and they will understand the ridiculous situation !

Thanks so much for all your Abstract Thursday entries, it was very nice seeing all your favourite colours. I think blues, green, purples, red's and yellows were all present :-) This coming Thursday the optional theme is 'painterly' and the tag will be AT257.

Last Thursday's specials:
DonnaWanna           Radiating colours
Andrew44                 Water and oil colours
Freuchie                    Gorgeous scarf abstract
Robin                         Colourful 3 images composite
PaiviPuu                    Finnish summer colours
Thanks again for all the colourful entries !

Thanks very much for the kind comments, stars and even a heart for yesterday's tunnel of spring/summery green leaves

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