Neolithic Echoes

We had a very good zoom session over lunchtime when we all, including Andrew in Japan, joined together for the Sunday Quiz.  Andrew was asking the questions, we thought we did terribly, but then everyone found it hard.  It was very good fun though and something really nice to look forward to during these lockdown days weeks months.

After a late lunch we took a drive to the Rollright Stones.  As we went the wrong long pretty way we saw Tysoe Windmill up on the hill.  Ann said she'd like to walk from Tysoe to the windmill one day, I said I liked the view from the car!

What I hadn't realised, or maybe forgotten, is that there's a wildwood walk at the Stones.  It's known as Neolithic Echoes*, I think, as I saw a sign saying as such.  All I know is that it was peaceful, away from the people and really nice to wander in, and take a pic or two of course. The sun was dappling through the trees, we were sheltered from the wind and the birds were singing......lovely!

*On further investigation I see Neolithic Echoes is the name of a project comprising natural constructions within the woods which change as nature and weather affect them.  Today's photo is one of the exhibits.

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