By mindful_life

Sitting under the tree

For the challenge today it was quite difficult for me to think of my favourite place. There are so many.

This morning we went up to the lake and I considered that as my favourite place as during lockdown we have been there a lot, seen the swans have ducklings and has been a peaceful place to go.

This afternoon I took the children to a nearly hill, which is one of their favourites as my son likes to cycle down the steep hills on his bike. Today whilst he did and whilst my daughter playing under the tree, I sat very peacefully by myself in the shade and enjoyed some moments of mindfulness. I listened to the birds, the sounds of the wind in the trees. I felt the wind on skin and really enjoyed the peace and tranquility. It occurred to me, that whilst this may not be my favourite place, being outdoors has become a favourite thing for me to do. Being in nature is so enriching. To I took a photo for the challenge from the top of the hill, where I just sat and enjoyed the moments passing me by.

I hope you all had a wonderful Monday x

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