Over to The Folks today for the first time this week. Spent most of my time on the phone to the official dementia care nurse in order to try to arrange an addition to my Mum's medication in order to mitigate the "Sundowning" rages she gets into in the afternoon. There are times my Dad fears for his life as she gets so aggressive. He's had to hide the kitchen knives...

I came home with some rhubarb, with which I will make a rhubarb and custard cake!

Once home I had a walk round the park , and joined Brian later too, when he went down by the river to look for a Blip. I took photos on both walks but my Blip has to be this beautiful cat. She wears a collar but there are no homes anywhere near where she was. She may belong to one of the factories down that way, or the farm. Either that, or she wanders far from her humans!

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