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Flowers for Gran...

Backblipped 27.05.20

A day of two halves.

Had a long video chat with the family of the young lad I mentioned yesterday.  

Having a better understanding of what's been happening to him and the position he and his family are in has only increased my anger and sense of helplessness.  We have got a plan together though, so at least we all feel we are doing something.  

More work required from them and me that will hopefully produce a compelling report to send to someone recommended to me by a friend.  My hope is this person will take up the cause and move things in a more positive direction.  Please keep your fingers crossed.

The rest of the day was spent thinking about my gran although to be fair, she is never far from my thoughts anytime.  

Today would have been her 102nd birthday, and as I am still reading my way through all my diaries, her memory is more alive in my head and my heart than ever.

I am currently reading 1983-84 and she features almost every day.  I was 16/17 in those years and she was my rock, my confidant and my absolute go to wise person for advice.  She was just as loved by all my friends, male and female, who she treated like family and who also saw her as "gran."  Her sense of humour was legend and she never failed to amaze them with how up to date she was with popular culture and what was going on in all our lives.  She made every one of us feel special, relevant and loved.

Even now, all these years later, when I get together with old friends, within 15 minutes of conversation she is mentioned, with laughter and deep affection.  A wonderful legacy.  

Happy Birthday Gran <3 xxx

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