By Yorkshirebred

Abstract Thursday - painterly

My missing items from yesterday’s order arrived (well, most of them!).  Some grapes missing, but the driver rang his firm and the cost was refunded within 5 minutes of the call.  They also replaced the full tray of eggs, not just the broken ones, so I had rather too many!  Took some to a neighbour who has not been able to get out and shop, then had a wander down to a friend’s to take her some too.  These are her giant chess pieces which are waiting for a wall to be rebuilt so that they can go back onto the lawn (original in extras).  Sat in her garden for a while in the hot sunshine, although we got “looks” from the neighbours.  I hadn’t realised that when you could meet one other person from outside your household it couldn’t be in their garden!  All change from Monday though - you can meet in a garden, and with up to 6 in a group.  With our friends circle we could do with that being 8!  Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday.  

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