Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


Onobrychis viciifolia
Yes, another wildflower - two days in a row!

This morning I woke at stupid o'clock and spent the next 6 hours working on the camera club handbook.  This afternoon I decided a long walk would act as a mental and physical unwinder after sitting so long at the computer.  Not very sensible as it happens, it was really hot, I went too far and consequently got home mashed.

I would have done better to join the kids and jump in the river instead.

However, Morn Hill was looking incredibly beautiful.  The whole of the top of the ridge is blushing pink with sainfoin and starred with ox-eye daisies, red and white clovers, buttercups, hawkweed, gorgeous delicate purple cransbills, seeding grasses and dog roses.  It won't be long before they're joined by knapweed and scabious as well..  The bees were busy as - er - bees!  But were their any butterflies?  B****r all!  What on earth has happened to them?  We have so few  ;((

Hey ho! In a minute I shall get myself something to eat and look at your journals.  How lovely!  And if I don't get as much commenting done as I should I will finish in the morning.  Tomorrow I'm going nowhere!

Many thanks to Anni (BikerBear) for hosting FlowerFriday.

Have a good evening, all  xx

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