Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

The pink of perfection

As I crossed the motorway cars were queuing in both directions.  Bank Holiday weekends, huh!

Yes, more wildflowers today, having gone up to the butterfly reserve this morning intending to blip butterflies (as you do).  I saw a few brimstones flying fast but not settling, and a tiny brown argus, but that was all.  So instead I spent a happy couple of hours concentrating on their food source.  Here are the perfect pinkies I shot (probably not perfectly ;)) - the main is common vetch (vicia sativa), top right is ragged robin (lychnis flos-cuculi) and bottom right is red clover (trifolium pratense).

After which I came back through town and straight up to the garden centre, where I bought more pelargoniums - pink ones, of course!

Hope your weekend's being kind to you  xx

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