Hot day and some family history

I did a bit of weeding at the allotment this morning, but it really was too hot to be out in the sun. Mollie and Henry came to help for a while.

Jon took Daniel to Lincoln to test drive a car. That was a successful trip and they will be going back next saturday to collect it. It means there will be 4 cars on the drive, which is soon to become 5 as Mollie will be having mine when I replace it. That will be when we get out of lockdown, and I can locate what I want that is close enough, within the price range etc. I am not driving 200 miles for a car, but will look up to 100 miles.

After lunch, I did something I never do on a Saturday and I sat in the garden, reading my book. It was nice, but sends me to sleep! Jon and Dan got back at 5.30 with exciting news of the new car, which in turn has made Henry excited as he is buying Daniel's old car off him. So 3 and a half months after passing his driving test, it looks like he will get a chance to drive! Just in time, as he might be back on his apprenticeship part time at the beginning of July.

Now I'm sitting with paper family tree info for the Gibbs family (my family has already been done) and am uploading to Wikitree. A free site, that I am slowly getting the hang of. Been planning it for over a week, but just not had time or energy. Now at least I've got started on it.

There is a film on the others are watching (The Highwaymen). Its not my thing.

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