Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Apropos of nothing

I chose this image just because I think this is an especially cute bug and I felt in the need of something cute today.  Also, I have to confess, that I am very happy to be seeing so many insects in the garden.  This fetching creature is a Cocklebur Weevil.  For somewhat obvious reasons, weevils are also sometimes call "snout beetles".  Anyway, it's the first one I've seen in the garden in a couple of years.  Moments after I clicked this, he was off on important weevil business.

I got the weed whacker out and put it into use until my hands started to hurt; then resorted to hand pulling some weeds.  Hubs and I mulched part of the garden around the patio which makes things look very nice.  It was windy and cooler today, so actually quite nice to be working outside - not great for macro photos with all the wind though (not to mention wobbly hands after weed whacking.)

Late this afternoon I got a call from my bestie, Ellen, and we had a long talk with a few teary moments.  She lost her mum last weekend and so we talked a bit about her and what a remarkable woman she was.  I have such good (and vivid) memories of her and it felt good to share them with Ellen.  She's with her brother and SIL in Maine - I'm glad she is with family right now, people she can hug and share laughter and tears with.  No one should be alone with grief right now.  

Be kind to yourself and to others.  Stay safe.  Be loving.


NJ Covid 19 Stats as of today
Total confirmed positive cases 160,556
Total deaths - 11,698
Each one of those who died has left behind people who loved them, who miss them, who's lives are just a bit "less" right now.  Keep them in your thoughts...

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