Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Brunhilda, quarantined

Decided we needed something fun today so am going to blip this “remake a master” ‘

A week or so ago  I asked H what we should do for the next fun remake and he wondered if there were any famous artists depicting Valkyries, since  I , a long time ago, maybe late 70s,  made a valkyrie (actually Brunhilda) ‘Wearable Art” (and even wore it to the opera..oh my!)    Well there were lots of valkyrie paintings by norse artists but many of them were on horses. I have no horse.   But this 1910 drawing by Arthur Rackham ( ).  is an illustration in a beautiful 2 volume book set of Wagner’s Ring cycle opera…but it’s at the island.   so the small one is off the internet. (extra)

Decided not to obsess about making it all real, but I did compost the figure on the background, as I just couldn’t make myself walk in this getup to where the best rocks were in the neighborhood that we’d scouted out .   It was fun.  H didn’t have enormous patience today but we got the general idea for the pose.   The “red” hair is mine form the 60s., and the vest was more a piece of art of the story of the ring, with the Rhine, and Brunhilda surrounded by fire on the rocks . It’s a great story.  And a very long opera.   ( You can google it if you are interested).  
other extras… the goose feathers which didn’t show that well in the blip and the back of the vest with the ring

Another curfew in Seattle tonight

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