Evening view

Another sunny calm day and I spent the morning on the allotment planting in some more plants, picking strawberries and a little weeding.  Then some pilates after lunch which is certainly needed as my back is getting pretty stiff after all the gardening.  Interesting how we have adapted our cooking needs to manage with a very reduced number of food shopping outings using up what is to hand rather than going out to buy special ingredients.  Tonights roasted asparagus wrapped in bacon (that needed eating) with roasted vegetables with a mozzarella topping (that also needed to be eaten) was very nice.

Late evening we all went for a walk along the coastal path where todays blip was taken looking towards Budleigh.  As you can just make out there are a fair number of people enjoying the warm evening and several people board paddling or swimming.  We preferred to stay this side of the beach and admire the views and look at the various birds and butterflies.

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