My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Hot stuff

Owen started running a temperature last night. Restless and hot, eventually we had him in bed with us before deciding to phone NHS111 at about 2am. They recommended keeping an eye on his temperature over night and booked him a ShropDoc appointment for half past 9. So we dutifully turned up and sat in the car for half an hour before being summoned by a fully suited and booted doctor. He did all the tests, prescribed some (probably prophylactic) antibiotics, suggested coronavirus swabbing, and sent us home to monitor him.

Back at home he was pretty subdued and while he slept his temperature crept up again despite the paracetamol. When it hit 39°C we called NHS111 again who got an ambulance called out to us about half past 2.
Owen was not happy to be woken up by two fully PPEd paramedics and have his temperature taken again. This time at 40.8°, the first step was to try and cool him down whilst measuring all his vitals. The stripping off and sitting in front of the fan seemed to work slowly bringing his temp. back down to 38.3. At this point we made the decision to keep him at home (an overnight hospital stay wouldn't do anybody any good) knowing we could call the ambulance again if needed. One last check of his temp. and it had gone back up to 39° causing them a bit of concern...until the calpol kicked in and suddenly he was up on his feet and showing them his books, balls, and trains.

Just have to keep an eye on him now...

Obviously one of the concerns is the exposure to my Mom and Dad yesterday but there's not much that can be done apart from stay vigilant and wait for the swab results to come back.

Just have to keep an eye on them now...

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