Wild Iris

I'm sorry to say that some people chuck garden waste onto the river bank. It's usually grass cuttings, tree clippings etc but today I spotted two clumps of iris which must have been part of someone's garden rubbish a year or two ago. They're just growing on the riverbank but not really wild. Gone feral from a garden I suppose. I don't know why people do that - we get a perfectly efficient collection from the council. In fact this very collection has been reinstated today having been suspended since March.

This morning we went up to Dunblane to have physically distanced coffee with friends. It was just so nice to sit in their garden for a couple of hours having a chat. The dogs played well together too. On the way home we called into the small M&S. I had to leave after 5 minutes. It wasn't really that busy but there was no one way system at all and people were far too close as far as I was concerned. Not enjoyable. That's the furthest I've gone from home for 10 weeks. And in the car too. Another novel experience. It feels like a lot to process, such has been the quiet lockdown I've had so far.

I set off for my walk this afternoon with a few raindrops falling. I was lucky to return home without getting wet but the change in the weather is happening. There's going to be rain overnight and today is the last warm day for a while.

The news from the US is awful. I suppose this is what Trump wants and has been setting in motion for the past 4 years. I guess he now wants to show himself as the strong man and appeal to his fans.

Meanwhile In Westminster MPs are apparently voting to return to work in a completely unsuitable environment. MPs who are in a 'vulnerable' group for whatever reason are effectively disenfranchised and so are their constituents. Why on earth there can't be electronic voting and a continuation of the 'blended' sittings I don't know. Well, I have some ideas.

I'm sorry that the warm weather is leaving us for a while but really we do need some rain. The garden will be very grateful I'm sure.

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