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Folly Moss

I planned a walk to include Colt Crag reservoir, Thockrington and Colwell for today. In the event, I did only 3 miles of it and then 3 miles back. The heavy rain, forecast for later afternoon, came early. I don't know the area well so I decided to retreat before conditions became difficult.

It was a good walk and included a pilgrimage to the grave of William Henry Lord Beveridge. He spent quite a lot of time at nearby Carrycoats Hall when he was writing the Beveridge Report, using the fine antique dining table that still graces the dining room there.

His report, published in 1942, aimed to address the "five 'Giant Evils' of 'Want, Disease, Ignorance, Squalor and Idleness'."

I wonder what he would make of goverment now. 

Reading up about him I was surprised to find that he was an active member of the Eugenics Society. Churchill was another who was interested in how to apply eugenics to "improve" society.

My first extra is his gravestone. It is unassuming and stands next to that of his wife. The growth of lichens made it very difficult to photograph it. It reads: 
William Henry 
Lord Beveridge 
of Tuggal
5th March 1879
16th March 1963

My second extra is an endearing tombstone leaning against the church wall.

My main image is Folly Moss. I did not have to cross the middle, which was quite boggy even after all the dry weather. You can see hare's tail cotton grass.

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